Trust and Estates

Planning for the future is something all successful organizations and individuals do, but planning involves a lot of other things as well. All these planning’s need to be legal that’s why we help individuals by working with the owners of private companies and wealthy individuals and their families. Besides that we also work with corporations that are looking to establish or grow their philanthropic activities and legacy. We work by helping the clients with planning advice, establishing or changing the terms of a trust, making distributions etc. besides this we also help people in making substantial financial gifts to individuals, nonprofits, charities or other philanthropic organizations. Our estate planning law firm advise the charities on their charters and guide them when questions arise about several types of the grants.

For helping the clients we have mixed teams of lawyers and business professionals that have specialized in estate planning, commercial trusts, personal trusts and a lot more like private company services and tax, all this we do is according to the specific needs and objectives of the individual or company. High net worth individuals, entrepreneurs and organizations usually go through the situations that require sophisticated estate, gift and income tax planning.

Planned or unexpected intergenerational transfers of wealth and business deals and plan to reconstruct the opportunities differently, we do a lot more just to maximize tax efficiencies, freeing up assets, time and energy for the revitalization of an individual or business. Finding creative solutions in these types of situations is hard, but we have all the best solutions and services for you. Our estate planning lawyers have decades of experience in designing creative and effective plans that are focused on the goals and needs of our clients. Here at Top Lawyer Services, we are able to draw on the resources of a large firm that is required to provide truly customized plans for each and every single of our clients.